Thursday, August 19, 2010

Asian Marinade

For another church dinner, I made fried rice and a chicken and vegetable dish. I based it off of a Korean meat sauce/marinade recipe. Sometime I'll have to post that recipe on its own, but it serves 4-6 and our church dinners serve around 60!'s a smaller quantity version of what I made for the church dinner.

1/2 C honey
1/3 C soy sauce
2 Tbls ginger root*
3 garlic cloves*
1 Tbls crushed red pepper flakes
1 Tbls corn starch (optional)

meat & vegetables of your choice

Peel and finely dice ginger root. Peel and press (or finely dice) garlic cloves.
Combine all ingredients. The sauce can be used as a meat marinade, prior to cooking, or you can cook the meat right in the sauce ingredients. Add the sliced vegetables for the last 10 to 15 minutes, after the meat is fully cooked, stirring to coat with marinade.

If you want a thicker sauce, add corn starch to the sauce ingredients (mix it with cold water--just enough to dissolve corn starch).

Serve with (or over) fried rice or plain rice.

* If you want the ginger flavor, but not chunks of ginger root in your dish... Substitute 1+ tsp of powdered ginger; you could do the same with the garlic...substitute about a tsp of garlic powder. If you still want to use fresh ginger root... Peel and slice the ginger root; place it in a small sauce pan with just enough water to cover the slices. Heat just to boiling. Let sit until cool. Strain out ginger root slices and add the gingered water to your recipe. (You can boil and cool it twice and get a little more flavor out of your ginger root.)