Sunday, June 6, 2010

Diced Veggie Salad

All too frequently I get into a mental rut, thinking "salad" = lettuce. And I get bored of that easily. So, this recipe - which isn't really a recipe at all - is here to remind me that there's more to salad--so MUCH more!--than lettuce. And that's a very good thing...after last summer's bumper crop of lettuce (I couldn't eat fast enough to keep up with it!), all the rain we've been having lately has brought out the slugs...and they've gotten to most of my lettuce before it's really had a chance! :( It's still early enough I can replant...

onion (red onion adds color)
pepper (red, yellow, orange, green)
garbanzo beans
white beans, kidney beans...

salad dressing (Italian, Ranch, French/Catalina, Blue Cheese, etc.)
Optional: add grated parmesan, cubed cheddar or other cheese(s), or even diced ham...

Dice your favorite veggies (more of what you love, less of what you're not fond of, but you know is good for you!). Add your favorite salad dressing and, if desired, cheese; toss to coat. Some of the veggies are best served fresh - like the mushrooms - but I also like it once the dressing has marinated everything for a few hours. Suit your own taste. :)

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