Sunday, June 21, 2015

Yellow (or Butternut!) Squash and Feta Grilled Crostini

I have folders full of recipes I want to try, saved over months. They're in a drawer in my kitchen, and I DO get them out and make them. Eventually. The inspiration for this one, however, came from this next month's (July 2015) Better Homes and Gardens. I say "inspiration" because I used butternut squash instead of yellow summer squash (it just needed longer to cook) and I didn't have arugula, so just used my own fresh greens. I was a little too heavy handed with the feta for my taste; I like feta, but it's fairly salty and with the cream cheese spread (with garlic and oregano) under the roasted veggies in this recipe, there's already plenty of cheese. But other than that this was a great, light dinner, or would make a wonderful appetizer as well. I get the magazine, but you can find it here:  BH&G Yellow Squash & Feta Grilled Toast

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