Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ice Cream Cake

I'm not sure if this even 'qualifies' as a recipe (the only thing 'homemade' about it is the cookie crust and fudge sauce at the very bottom!)...but my nephew requested an ice cream cake--with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream--for his birthday. When it's your birthday, you get what you ask for - at least where dessert is concerned! :)

store bought ice cream
store bought (gasp!) frosting
(I would usually make my own, but I had a lot going on this weekend!)
cookie crust
(see Peanut Butter Pie for recipe)
fudge sauce
(see Myrtle's Hot Fudge Sauce)

Slightly soften the ice cream, and spoon it into a cake pan (or two if you want to make a double layered 'cake'). Put it in the freezer for a couple hours.

Meanwhile, make a cookie crust the same size as the pans the ice cream is in (or a graham cracker crust if it would go better with whatever flavor of ice cream you choose). Make hot fudge sauce and let it cool, or use a jar of store bought fudge ice cream topping (or another flavor that compliments your ice cream choice). Spread a layer of fudge sauce on the cookie crust and put it in the freezer.

When everything is frozen very firm, dip the pan of ice cream briefly in hot water, then invert it onto the fudge covered cookie crust. If you're making a double layered 'cake', spread another layer of fudge sauce on the bottom layer, then dip the second pan of ice cream briefly in hot water, and invert it on top. Return to the freezer until everything is very firm (about half an hour).

Frost (and decorate, if desired) the cake -- just like you would a regular cake, but work quickly so the edges of ice cream don't melt which makes it runny and slippery and it's very difficult to spread frosting on that!

Return it all to the freezer until ready to serve. Feel free to drizzle with extra fudge sauce (or any other ice cream sauce...find one that compliments whatever flavor of ice cream you choose).

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