Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

My nephew's request for his birthday dessert: "Moo-wiches" -- that's what the dairy women call them at their delicious ice cream booth at our local fair every summer. He had a list of different cookie and ice cream combinations to suggest... I managed to pull off three kinds of cookies (chocolate chip, peanut butter, and M&M cookies) all filled with either vanilla or vanilla chocolate-sauce-swirled ice cream. PB cookies rolled with chocolate sprinkles, the M&M cookies rolled in rainbow nonpareils, the chocolate chip cookies remain just 'classic' cookies and ice cream. No real 'recipe' for this one; it's fairly obvious:

Bake your favorite cookies and let them cool completely. Place a scoop of slightly softened ice cream on the underside of one cookie, top with another and press gently. Roll, if desired, in decorative sprinkles, colored sugars, mini-chips, mini-M&Ms, etc. Serve immediately, or--usually a better option--return to freezer so they can really 'set', and take them out just before serving.

These flavors were, of course, specifically to please my nephew (your birthday = your choice). :)  Chocolate cookies and vanilla ice cream is probably the most traditional of ice cream sandwiches, but I'd love to try other combinations: I have a recipe for a green apple sorbet that I think would be delicious sandwiched between molasses cookies. Sugar cookies and any berry flavored ice cream (or frozen yogurt, gelato, etc.) sounds good to me. Lavender shortbread cookies with vanilla bean ice cream or a light lemon gelato... endless possibilities!

Photo #2: I tried some new flavors for my niece's birthday ("moo-wiches" were her choice too): more of the 'classic'  peanut-butter chocolate chip with vanilla bean ice cream, some green apple sorbet sandwiched between molasses cookies, and a mixed berry gelato between chocolate cookies.

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