Wednesday, July 17, 2013

H2O+ (Flavored Water)

Oh so simple. With the hot summer weather (which I am LOVING) I know I'll drink more water to stay hydrated (over juice, soda pop, tea, etc.) if it is refrigerated (or on ice) has a little flavor to it. Use just about anything that sounds good to you; I tend to favor berries and citrus, but mango, cucumber, melons, and  pineapple work well too. Just slice or dice and refrigerate the pitcher for an hour or two so the flavors dissipate. Pictured, raspberry-lemon; lemon-basil, and a blackberry-mint. I also enjoyed (but did not photograph) orange-blueberry and an all citrus lemon-lime-grapefruit. I happen to have fresh mint (and basil) growing on hand. If you don't a drop of mint extract works too. A tiny bit of vanilla in with the blackberries is also good. Or try vanilla with orange slices for a cream-sicle like flavor.

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