Thursday, March 25, 2010

Peanut Butter, Apple & Bacon Sandwich

PB&J is great for kids, but you're not looking on a blog for a recipe for PB&J! When I get a peanut butter craving, here's a grown up sandwich that satisfies.

peanut butter
thinly sliced granny smith apple
toasted bread

I didn't have bacon strips and had to make due with bacon bits (REAL ones, not the fake salad toppers - we're going for a gourmet sandwich here!) I used fresh ground honey roasted peanut butter (from Bellwood Acres... Mmmmmmm!) and spread it on when the bread is still warm so the peanut butter gets a little soft and gooey. I had a loaf of vienna bread, but this sandwich is also delicious on a toasted honey wheat.

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